2014-15 Men's Volleyball Schedule
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 DayTime OpponentScore Record 
167:00 PM vs. Culver-Stockton CollegeW-25-10,25-19,25-16stats1-0 1-0Details
177:30 PM vs. Saint AmbroseW-25-23,27-25,25-18stats2-0 2-0Details
 206:00 PM vs. Quincy UniversityW-26-24,24-26,25-20,25-22stats - recap3-0 Details
 2312:00 PM vs. Lindenwood University-BellevilleW-16-25,16-25,13-25stats4-0 Details
 Park Invite
 4:00 PM vs. Missouri Valley CollegeW-16-25,19-25,21-25stats5-0 Details
 Park Invite
 2411:00 AM vs. McKendree UniversityW-23-25,29-27,22-25,23-25stats - recap6-0 Details
 Park Invite
 3:00 PM @ Park UniversityL-25-22,21-25,25-22,20-25,15-8stats - recap6-1 Details
 Park Invite
 303:00 PM vs. Cardinal Stritch UniversityW-21-25,14-25,25-21,25-18,17-19stats7-1 Details
 Grand View Invite
 7:30 PM vs. Missouri Baptist UniversityW-25-22,25-21,25-23stats8-1 Details
 Grand View Invite
 3110:30 AM vs. Park UniversityL-18-25,15-25,21-25stats8-2 Details
 Grand View Invite
 2:30 PM vs. Hope International UniversityW-21-25,25-20,25-19,23-25,15-5stats9-2 Details
 Grand View Invite
 66:00 PM vs. Saint Xavier UniversityW-25-11,25-15,25-13stats10-2 Details
76:00 PM vs. Morningside CollegeW-25-19,25-13,25-19stats11-2 3-0Details
 137:00 PM @ Hannibal-LaGrange UniversityW-18-25,21-25,12-25stats12-2 Details
186:15 PM vs. Grand ViewW-25-21,14-25,27-25,25-18stats - recap13-2 4-0Details
 2011:00 AM vs. Milwaukee School of EngineeringW-17-25,13-25,13-25stats - recap14-2 Details
 Cardinal Stritch Invite
 3:00 PM vs. Morningside CollegeW-25-16,25-16,25-19stats - recap15-2 Details
 Cardinal Stritch Invite
 2111:30 AM @ Cardinal Stritch UniversityW-17-25,18-25,21-25stats - recap16-2 Details
 Cardinal Stritch Invite
 3:30 PM vs. Hannibal-LaGrange UniversityW-25-18,25-14,25-18stats - recap17-2 Details
 Cardinal Stritch Invite
 272:00 PM vs. Park UniversityL-26-24,19-25,25-22,23-25,7-15stats17-3 Details
 Missouri Valley Invite
 6:00 PM vs. Bluefield CollegeW-25-9,25-12,25-18stats18-3 Details
 Missouri Valley Invite
 2812:00 PM vs. Missouri Baptist UniversityW-23-25,25-18,25-19,25-21stats19-3 Details
 Missouri Valley Invite
 4:00 PM vs. Missouri Valley CollegeW-25-23,22-25,25-18,26-28,15-10stats20-3 Details
 Missouri Valley Invite
 66:00 PM vs. Robert Morris UniversityW-25-19,25-16,25-18stats21-3 Details
75:00 PM @ Morningside CollegeW-27-29,14-25,15-25stats22-3 5-0Details
 133:00 PM vs. University of California-Santa CruzW-27-25,22-25,21-25,28-26,13-15stats23-3 Details
 Concordia-Irvine Invite
 6:00 PM vs. University of California - MercedW-13-25,17-25,10-25stats24-3 Details
 Concordia-Irvine Invite
 1411:00 AM @ Concordia UniversityL-25-22,25-23,15-25,25-21stats - recap24-4 Details
 Concordia-Irvine Invite
 5:00 PM vs. Warner UniversityW-25-23,18-25,17-25,26-24,7-15stats - recap25-4 Details
 Concordia-Irvine Invite
187:30 PM @ Saint AmbroseL-25-22,23-25,25-18,25-23stats25-5 5-1Details
213:00 PM @ Culver-Stockton CollegeW-16-25,16-25,22-25stats - recap26-5 6-1Details
267:00 PM vs. Graceland UniversityW-25-21,25-21,25-22stats - recap27-5 7-1Details
 277:00 PM @ Quincy UniversityL-25-23,25-21,21-25,25-13stats27-6 Details
16:00 PM @ Grand ViewL-17-25,25-17,25-23,25-23stats27-7 7-2Details
26:00 PM @ Graceland UniversityW-20-25,17-25,22-25stats28-7 8-2Details
 105:00 PM vs. Saint AmbroseL-25-13,23-25,25-22,23-25,18-16stats28-8 Details
 NAIA North Tournament